I am 34w4d today (DS came at 35,2 but I have been on progesterone shots since 17w this time).
Sunday I went to OB triage because I lost a lot of fluid, came back negative as amniotic fluid, they sent me home. Lost a lot more late Sunday night and started bleeding (pinkish) so went back Monday am. Same deal. Also cervix is closed, baby looks fine, tons of fluid in sac.
I’m still losing fluid in gushes, not a slow leak and not enough to wet the floor but it soaks my pants multiple times a day. If it’s pee, is this a sign baby dropped? I look exactly the same and can’t control the gushes which suuucks.
Also I lost 3-4 lbs since the hospital Sunday and my doc appointment yesterday which happened last time.
I’m not really having contractions (1 or 2 an hour since last night but could be BH).

Any thoughts? Would like baby to hang out for another 2 weeks at least!