Like it says- are your schools nut free? What about other allergens?

At my daughter’s preschool it was a nut free school. Parents brought it snacks that had to be safe and still in the packaging, so no cross contamination, and for parties and such you couldn’t bring home made goods. Even fruit was only supposed to be cut there with their knives and cutting boards. For lunches you obviously could prepare your own but had to write “no nuts” on anything that wasn’t in its original packaging so they knew you had checked (like veggie straws were fine in a baggy but the Trader Joe’s brand that was made in a facility that processes nuts were not). I know when they have other allergies in a specific class they more severely limit what the parents can bring as a class snack.

Her new school has no limitations and it’s so strange to me. She went to camp there and I felt so weird sending her with real peanut butter, but they said since it’s a shared space (in a church where other groups use it too) they can’t really control it. There are no food allergies in her class this year so I guess I’ll just send regular peanut butter...

I am lucky we have no food allergies but I try to be as sensitive as I can to those that do.