A close friend's sister lost her son shortly after birth.. I don't know all of the details but my friend sent me information for the services so I think she would probably appreciate if I attended. We've been friends for 20 years and I know her family fairly well. I'm really upset of course because it's so horrible. I will be 36 weeks pregnant next week when the service takes place. I am concerned about upsetting the parents or being a distraction and also my own emotional state. I think this would be unimaginably difficult for anyone but being so pregnant, I am sensitive about anything having to do with babies. I felt a little uncomfortable when people asked me about my pregnancy at a funeral over the holidays but that was for an older person and I don't think anyone at this service will care about my pregnancy- they'll be too devastated for the family.

Sadly, my cousin had a stillbirth in January and I've had trouble processing that so to have another unthinkable thing happen so close to my due date is really hard for me. I know they are in pain I can't even imagine but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that these things do happen and life can be very fragile.