It's only a minor improvement and not many data points yet, but I noticed that the two times DS had 3 naps instead of 4, that his first stretch of sleep was 3 and 2 hours those two times, instead of his usual 30-60 minutes. But he only got 3 naps cause we were out and he was just fitting it like crazy even though he was super tired. At home, he can go 1 hr 20 minutes max before he's just done (and starts to get cranky around an hour). He's 5.5 months now so.... do you guys think I should try to just keep him up and cranky longer to get down to 3 naps (will that even actually help night sleep??) or listen to him and let him sleep and get 4 naps if that's what it comes out to be? He wont nap any longer than 45 minutes (even on those 3 nap days) so it's not like he's consolidating his naps. And he still wakes every hour at night and needs help, and wants to eat every 2-3 hours overnight (he ate 4x last night after being put down at 630pm - 9:30, 1, 3, 430 and then woke up at 645 for another feed. I feed as a last resort when pacifier and rocking just isn't doing it and he's hysterical. He'll eat and fall right back to sleep so Im guessing he was actually hungry??).