I have struggled to write this post for a little over a week now because I couldn't tell if it was just the baby blues or if it was PPD (I have had PPD in the past with my first so I knew there was a chance I would get it again, especially with another C-section.) I also wanted to give myself a little more time before automatically assuming it was PPD since we have a lot of stress already in our lives.

I had DD 25 days ago I am on week 3 without the baby blues feelings going away. I am extremely weepy most of the time and feel like a failure when something doesn’t go right and right now in our lives a lot of things are not going right. DH is not happy at his job with a lot of stress and I am back at work already with DD in my private office. It's a small business and very short staffed. I only took 3 weeks off which I now feel like was not enough. I don’t get any night help with the new baby and that’s ok except for I am getting very little sleep and I don’t think I’ve been taking care of myself very well and often times having to skip meals. My mom did stay with us for 3 weeks and continually watches our toddler during the week since he is not in school yet. On top of those things, our toddler is really acting out which is to be expected with the new baby since his whole world has been turned upside down but at times he can be such a nightmare. After him misbehaving all day yesterday I finally snapped and yelled at him loudly which resulted in both of us crying and me again feeling like a bad mom. Sigh. I feel like I am not even living life right now and living in a fog of my former self. I am thinking a call to my OBGYN would be helpful? Any advice or even similar situations?