My husband and I are staying at his parents' house-DD is 6 days old. I am so thankful that we made a trip home together while MIL watched the baby, so we could gather extra supplies. DH opened to me some things he's been feeling and it is without a doubt PPD. I looked up "daddy blues" and explained to him that men actually experience a lower testosterone level and a higher estrogen level after having a baby. This is enhanced by stress, which he just came out of a busy season as an auditor & he is having to translate and mediate misunderstandings between me and his parents. (Dry umbilical cord, no extra blankets in the crib, don't walk off and leave the baby on the edge of the bed) ... as well as (my mom didn't mean it critically when she said it did "x,y,z" ...he feels horrible and says he doesn't feel like he has the right to be a dad, because he misses our life together pre-baby and wants to rewind, etcetera. I have never seen that man sob, but he was sobbing and wouldn't look me in the eye because he was so embarrassed. Please tell me there is support for post-partum dad's out there. Up until this point I didn't even know anything was wrong--he helps immensely with baby and mommy care, he takes tons of pictures and dote's on her and me both, and even though he is going through this, he still laughs at weird things she does and when we got back here, he said "I love her so much, I don't know how I could feel that way." Any help?