We just had our shower this past weekend and our very generous family and friends did a great job sticking to our registry which mean we got almost everything that we really needed or wanted.

The only issue is that we didnt get very many clothes or outfits. We got plain white onesies in 5 packs of each size up to 12 months, a lot of fun, printed onesies and some t shirts and only a handful of "outfits" in various sizes. So i'm afraid my baby girl is mostly without pants.....

Experienced moms out there - How much do i still need to buy? What should i be looking for and in what sizes?

She's due in October (transitional month for us in Philly) and will start daycare in January. I'm going to guess she'll be close to 8lbs when born, but who knows for sure.

What would be appropriate day care clothes for a 3-4 month old in the winter?