My baby is 10 weeks old, and still not making great eye contact. She WILL make eye contact occasionally, with a lot of effort on our part. But she doesn't generally initiate it, doesn't seem to have that "hey i know you!" spark of recognition I remember from my first born, and doesn't track us with her eyes at all. She had her 2 month check up on Friday, and the doctor said she's behind and if she isn't doing these things by 3 months she wants us to call for a referral to an eye doc to make sure her vision is okay.

But I think her vision is fine? (or at least not awful) because she DOES clearly see the ceiling fans in our bedroom and great room. She loves them and gets huge smiles every time we turn them on.

Anyone else have a late bloomer with eye contact? It's bumming me out. I'd feel better if I heard a few me-too-and-it-all-turned-out-fine stories.