We are trying to teach our LO baby sign language. We just want her to pick up a few of the key words so that she can communicate with us.

We started signing and saying the words to her around 6 months and by 10 months she was able to do a few words back to us (starting with Milk).

Now at 12 months, I feel like maybe she should know more "words". She says more and please a lot but doesn't attach objects to those requests so we never know what she wants. She points well so sometimes that would help. It would be nice if she could say "More Water" or "More Books" instead of getting frustrated with us when she signs more and we don't understand. Where should she be say by 14 or 18 months?

10 months - Milk, Bye Bye, and blows kisses (not really sign language but you know).
11 months - More and Please
12 months - All Done