(I've scoured the internet and books about this issue but maybe you guys can shed some light.)
My 5 month old has an interesting habit of waking up frequently from 7 p.m. bedtime until midnight. I nurse him to sleep (bad!). I've tried to put him in drowsy and he absolutely freaks out. He wakes up and wails 3-4xs and DH usually caves and gives him a bottle around 10 or 11. (I'm EBF.) But THEN will sleep 8 hours on his own perfectly fine! Sometimes a feeding doesn't help at all so I don't think he's hungry. Maybe?
We've tried an earlier bedtime, stuck to a very good nap schedule, holding off that dreamfeed, increasing feedings during the day, etc. I suspect he just can't fall asleep on his own and wakes up every sleep cycle. Isn't the first part of the night deep sleep? I don't get it.
Should I offer formula before bedtime? CIO when he's 6 months? He really escalate when he cries. It's not like he fusses and then calms down...😭😭😭 Trying to avoid CIO but "teaching him to fall asleep on his own" otherwise is not working.