Tonight our long time babysitter ( she picks up our kids daily and sits for 2.5 hours) scraped our fender on another mom’s car’s fender at daycare pickup and scratched the paint pretty badly on both cars (just one piece of the car for each). She feels terrible and told me a couple times that she’d pay for it out of pocket because it was her fault. She said her neighbor scratched HER car recently and the estimate to fix it was $600, gah. So, I feel awful for her to pay for that on *two* cars. But, nor do I want to be out of pocket $1300 or have our insurance get fucked because she was a little careless backing out. How does this work? What’s our responsibility as her off-the-books employer and as the owner of the vehicle that caused the damage? Whose insurance would it go through if we used insurance? Helllp ! FWIW we never discussed what would happen in this case beforehand.