Well ladies, I got the job! But now my little commute of 15 minutes with the daycare dropoff... is going to be at least 25 minutes (with no daycare stop and without traffic haha). Plus, construction on the freeway exits around my new office starts up in a few months, and will run for a couple years But taking the train is only 35 minutes with a bonus of a little walk to my office building.

My train station is an 8 min drive from my house and 5 min drive from daycare. So I'd still have to drive to the station. And it only runs every half hour.

In theory, I could also carpool with someone else in my neighborhood, but she has a daycare drop off too and neither of our cars can handle all 3 car seats.

Basically, for those of you that take public transportation (or carpool), is it worth losing some convenience/flexibility? How do you handle daycare drop off and pickup? What happens if you have a daycare emergency?