Nope, I am by no means wealthy. What I really mean is, I wish we did not depend on my income so much, or at all. DH and I have decided that I will either work part-time at my current company (if I'm allowed to) or no-time after baby is born. I work for 9 hours daily with a 1.5 hr commute each way per day (minimum). So that's at least 12 hours out of the house each day. It has not been working with just us two and definitely won't work when baby arrives!

I would love to be a SAHM at least for the early years and it may be possible, but it would require some MAJOR cutbacks. I feel like if we had become used to managing without the dependency on my income, then that transition would be smooth. We have a mortgage and a car loan and it will be very, very tight to manage everything on DH's salary alone.

Anyone else ever wished they made less money so that the transition to SAHM (or other arrangement) would feel smoother?