Over the last few months, I have been taking my daughter, 3, to see some local school and community theater plays. We have seen Shrek the Musical, Mamma Mia, Once on This Island (probably not appropriate, in retrospect), and Newsies. She has enjoyed all of them to varying degrees, and likes to watch sections of Shrek the Musical and Mamma Mia on Netflix with us in the evening. A nearby high school is performing Beauty and the Beast this weekend, and LO wants to go. I am worried that it might be too scary. We watched some of the movie a few months ago when I was down with a stomach bug, and she asked me to turn it off when it got to the part with the wolves. I was going to review some of the scarier parts with her last night to make an informed decision, but neither version of the movie is on Netflix or Prime at the moment. Has your 3-year-old seen this movie? How do you rate the scariness?

For the record, she has handled "scariness" in the plays we have seen much better than she does in her limited movie viewing (i.e. she wasn't upset at all at Shrek the Musical live, but asks me to fast forward through all of the dragon's scenes when we watch the filmed version).