I said I’d NEVER do it. Then I did with my first daughter. She slept in bed with me until she turned 3 and finally wanted to sleep in her room. At the same time, we welcomed our second baby girl and I said I wouldn’t let her sleep with me like I did DD1. Here we are, 6 months later, and she’s sleeping in bed with me most of the time. I’m well aware of the risks and believe me, they terrify me to the core!! But, we both get such wonderful sleep when she’s snuggled up to me. Breastfeeding is easy, I can monitor her breathing easily and I just love having her so close. I don’t use blankets above my waist and I make sure that there’s nothing around her like pillows or stuffed animals.

I feel guilty about it a lot. Then I try putting her in her bassinet or even her rock n play, but she wakes up so frequently that I eventually just bring her back in bed.

I’m just curious... is there anyone else here who does this?

Note: my DH sleeps on the floor due to severe back issues, so it’s just me and baby in a queen size bed