I found some older posts on this topic, but I wanted to see if there were any new technology options i haven’t seen yet....

I have family all over the country who will want to see photos of LO once he/she arrives. But I’m super cautious about internet privacy issues and don’t want the baby’s name/face all over Facebook. So I’m looking for an app or webpage that will let me keep photos private/invite only.

My biggest concern is that someone (like my dad or MIL) will forward the link to someone I don’t want to share with, or MIL will download the photo to her own phone and repost to Facebook. Anyone know of a site/app that will let me share photos but will prevent people from downloading?

Right now, I’m looking at a pixieset website because it looks like downloads can be blocked, but I’m trying to figure out if there is anything easier. I like the look of the TinyBeans app, but it allows for invited family/friends to download.

I know i can’t control everything but am trying my best to limit what I can.