My husband and I just celebrated our first year anniversary last March 22nd. What's funny is we both forgot about it because we were so preoccupied with some recent turn of events. After 11 cycles, we finally got our BFP! It was an awesome first anniversary present!

We found out the week when were were going to start the battery of tests to determine what fertility treatment we will be doing. I was hoping and praying fervently that we wouldn't have to do any of the test and find out we're pregnant instead and BOOM, we were!

I went thru charting and testing with OPKs but I didn't go as far as charting my temps. I stopped charting around the 7th or 8th cycle because it was getting more frustrating every month. I did however come across SoftCup while researching about TTC. I did much research about the product ( and felt comfortable trying it. I told myself, why not try it. There are a many testimonials from couples who are TTC and have tried this product who ended up with favorable results. It is currently marketed as a menstrual cup but after hearing about TTC couples using this to aid the reproduction process, the company is now seeking approval to market the product as aid for TTC. We used the cup for 2 cycles and now here I am sitting 6 weeks pregnant and writing this post. Needless to say I would highly recommend anyone TTC to try this product.

I wish everyone who is currently TTC the best of luck! Sprinkling baby dust to all!!!