so, i'm having a leak issue with my BG 4.0s and trying to figure out if they're dead or it's an issue i can fix. i'm using the same 4.0s that i used with DD1 on DD2, who is 2 months old.

the leaks are happening through the crotch/butt/main shell fabric, not through the leg seams or the top. i was just using the NB insert, but having the issue more, so i doubled up the NB inserts and it's kinda helped? i'm nervous that the PUL has degraded beyond repair and that's why it's leaking through. but i can't figure out if it's on all the 4.0s or just a few? i thought i went through and picked out ones with really bad/degraded PUL, but i do see some more streaking on the PUL on some of the 4.0s, so maybe that's the issue?

OR, is it possible that the inserts aren't absorbing fast enough, so the PUL might be fine, but if it gets flooded, it's gonna go through anyway?

blah. bummed that i might not be able to use the diapers i had saved! any help is appreciated!