Just for fun, what's the biggest mess you're LO has made?

This weekend I was in our garage talking to DH while LO's were supposed to be getting their before-bed milk... DS come's down and says I have to come see DD, 'its so funny'. I go up and she has flour all over the counter and is flinging it with a spatula, all over the floor, foot prints throughout the kitchen. I should've yelled, but it was too funny I opted to video it instead.

DS's biggest 'mess' was when DH and I both fell asleep (DS was supposed to be sleeping with me but got up) and DS decided to "clean" the fish tank... he put dish soap in it! Bubbles everywhere, 1 fish didn't make it, luckily 1 did.

When my sisters and I were little we apparently spilled vegetable oil all over the floor! That would be a mess!