TIA! I have another question about BDs….

We don’t want want to have a party at our home. Any ideas on how to celebrate?

Also, his BD is in June(school is out) so do you think we could just invite a few friends from his former class and maybe some from his camp groups?

Do you think just inviting some of his close male friends is okay? I’ve noticed he is just playing with the “ boys”….

Bowling? too young you think for 5/6 year olds?

We were thinking an orchard( running outside, pick your own fruit, pizza, cake)… but it would be open to public, hot and maybe chaotic? IDK!

Just trying to get feedback and ideas! This would be our first BD party we celebrate with invites! I feel like i’m overthinking but also want to make it special for our big boy!

Thank you- any ideas or feedback would really help us! ❤