Hello ladies. I'm so disheartened this morning. On Monday at 8dpo, I had AF type cramps. I had them before I got my BFP with DS so I knew something was up. On Tuesday, I got a little bit of red tinged CM when I wiped and thought it was implantation bleeding. On Wednesday and Thursday the bleeding picked up and I thought AF was here early but it was on and off. When it stopped entirely around noon yesterday at 12dpo, I took a test and got a faint BFP. But then by last night, the cramps intensified and now the bleeding is like a light period. I didn't have cramps all night but am having them now. I tested but the line is fainter than yesterdays. Sigh.

I just thought I'd ask if anyone has had any experience with this kind of thing? Is it a chemical pregnancy? At 4 weeks is it usually this painful? The cramps were as bad as the worst period cramps yesterday but better today but they wrap around to my back too. I also feel like someone is applying pressure and squeezing me gently but firmly from the inside. Oh and I've had clots ranging from very tiny to pea sized. We weren't really TTC but it was a really lovely surprise and now I'm really, really sad

Could any of you ladies please share your CP experiences? Or did you have anything like a light period and cramping and go on to have a successful pregnancy?