I have already walled a few people who went through this but am posting just to see if anyone has any success stories.

My daughter is 3.5 months old, and I'm returning to work right after Christmas. When she was very young she had a nightly daddy bottle feeding and took to it fine. Around 8w she dropped that feeding, and maybe 2 weeks went by with no bottles. When we tried to pick them back up for a few doctor's appointments that I had, she became increasingly averse to bottles from my husband and our babysitter. 3 weeks ago I was gone for an afternoon/evening and she went on hunger strike for 8 hours and howled most of the time. That night I ordered 6 different bottles on Prime and started trying to chip away at the problem--at first I thought it was lipase; I *do* have lipase, but the bottle problem is much bigger, and we are not making any progress. She outright refuses the bottle from anyone but me, and as it is, I can only get her to take 2-3 oz, once per day (first feed in the morning), with **extraordinary** effort. Any attempts after the first one per day have been totally disastrous. I'm freaking out because our daycare director told me back in September that she wouldn't take a baby who refused the bottle, and it's impossible for me to feed her mid-day (I work very, very far away) and working from home is not an option. I can't afford to quit my job or hire a nanny whose sole job would be to hold my screaming, starving baby for 11 hours a day (that plus my son would be 75k/year in childcare in my area).

I'm so panicked by this that I'm actually thinking about weaning completely so she has no choice but to take a bottle or get a feeding tube. And if the baby is on a feeding tube in the hospital, then at least I can keep my job. I know this is a fucking crazy line of thought and that I'm starting to spiral into freakout mode. I asked our ped for advice and have read every article on google about this issue. I'm losing it and honestly feel like PPA is coming on. I would give anything to EP or be EFF.

We've tried seven different bottles (Comotomo is the only one she doesn't outright hate), different people feeding, different milk temperatures, feeding spots, positions, levels of distraction/calm, background sounds, light levels, freshly pumped milk vs formula, types of formula.

Does anyone have any advice/encouragement? I'm desperate and don't want to starve the girl into submission