LO is 14 months and we are thinking of starting to try for #2. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but this has always confused me about DS's birth and wanted to know what others experience.

My water broke at 5am (no contractions prior) and the pain immediately started. I could time them 2-3minutes apart. They were super painful and would scream through them. But then I'd have a minute or so break in between. During those times I was able to eat, pack, laugh at a TV show etc. It was super painful during the contraction, but there was a clear break.

By the time we got to the hospital at 6:30am, there were absolutely no breaks. I could sort of tell when one was "peaking," but the pain was constant. I literally screamed non-stop like a crazy person. It was not what I had been told about labor. Where was my 30-second break?!?

I planned on getting an epidural from before labor started and by 9:30am I was pain-free. Then I went back to my happy self and was even online shopping while the Dr checked me to say I was at 10cm. But it's always bugged me...was what I experienced for those few hours like most? I really was under the impression you got a short break between contractions even while pushing...