Any tips? Tell me your stories!

DS was born at 33w2d. I've been pumping every 2-3 hours (every 4 overnight) since he was born. He's been home since Monday night and I'm trying to figure out this whole thing. We practiced with nursing while he was still in the NICU and he did pretty well. We nurse 3 times a day now and bottle feed the rest. I pump in between and even after nursing sessions. I just feel like I'm attached to the pump. DS eats every 3 hours and I'm supposed to pump every 2-3. By the time I nurse him, pump, clean my pump parts, etc, I hardly have any time before its time to go again. Sleep is pathetic at this point. The baby actually sleeps pretty well but the constant waking for feed/pump/clean is killing me. Did you wake your preemie to eat?

ETA: My goal is to be able to nurse for all feeds and pump to keep a small stash.