To make this short....I'm annoyed at the amount of extras offered to kids whose parents are plugged in to all the school stuff. There's lots of exsmples of this but here's a specific I went to the school for a Thanksgiving program and some kids were being recognized for getting through the whole year's worth of sight words. My son is on track with his words without drilling so we don't drill. He's on the 3rd 9 weeks already and we don't practice often. I'm proud of him for staying on track without too much prodding from me. But now I see that being on track isn't really the goal for the other I feel awful for letting him work at his own pace. worry that his teachers won't see his potential. I was in gifted in K. We moved and my parents didn't pursue re testing and I was never in gifted again. I sort of wallowed around until high school until I could do APs without needing that gifted distinction. With sufficient challenge my grades and overall outlook on school really improved. I don't believe in pushing kids or doing homework all afternoon, but I don't want my ideals on this to put him behind. For example I don't correct his homework, because I want thw teacher to have an accurate picture of where he is academically. Does anyone else struggle with this?