This is such a random post b/c I was just watching her performance at the latest award show (whatever it was... I don't keep up!).

I just feel so nostalgic! I'm not a huge fan of hers, but I totally remember going to HMV to buy her CD, and 90% of my guy friends were obsessed with her. I feel like I grew up with her from watching her date JT, to her crazy years where we all felt really bad for her, and now look at her! Vegas residency and killing it again! I think she's a great role model in this aspect; the world saw her get to rock bottom but we also saw her climb back up. If I were here I'd probably hide and never show my face again but she has come so far!

And strangely I actually don't really care about her lip-syncing. I know she can sing (not Adele level or anything), but it seems like her passion is more for dancing/performing. I mean, she never has to defend herself, just look at her many people to see her show knowing full well it's all lip-synced!

So yeah, still totally pointless post!