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Calling all Mom-tographers (or Pros) with an SLR/DSLR

  1. lamariniere

    pineapple / 12566 posts

    @erinpye: can you send me the review link to? Thanks!

  2. Boogs

    hostess / papaya / 10540 posts

    @erinpye: I would love the review also! I felt like I took way less photos our last vacation because the dslr was such a drag to take some places.

  3. erinpye

    pomegranate / 3706 posts

    @lamariniere: @Boogs: you got it!

  4. sunny

    coconut / 8430 posts

    @erinpye: I have been contemplating the mirrorless Fujifilm and Olympus setups as well! I can't decide what I want to do though! I loved your x100t but I don't know if I want to be tied to a fixed lens forever. I like the idea of flexibility though I don't know if I need it!

  5. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    How long have you had an SLR/DSLR? I got my first DSLR about 2 years ago
    What kind of camera/lens do you have? Nikon D610
    Favorite/most used lens? I use my 50mm 1.8 a ton
    Favorite/most used setting? manual.
    Tips/tricks for photographing your kids? Lots of patience! I started doing photography professionally about 6 months ago and I find its easier for me to photograph other people's children. I also agree with using back button focus- it was a game changer for me!
    Share a recent/favorite photo?

  6. erinpye

    pomegranate / 3706 posts

    @sunny: there *are* attachments for the X100T that you can add, to add lenses to it, if you really want to, so you're not completely locked into a fixed lens!

  7. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    @erinpye: Your photos are amazing. I love seeing them in my IG feed

  8. erinpye

    pomegranate / 3706 posts

    @lilteacherbee: back atcha mama- love those sweet photos of your sweet boys!

  9. Anagram

    eggplant / 11716 posts

    @Boogs: just saw this--have you tried shooting in Aperture priority mode? My husband is a hobby photographer (that has kind of put his hobby on the back burner due to his work/parenting schedule), so sometimes I want to use his cameras and take pictures of the kiddos. But I don't know anything about photography. =)

    So he told me, just always use Aperature Priority and that even pros use A mode a lot, and M mode is better for when you have a lot of time to fiddle with settings for each shot. When you're shooting kids and want to just catch what they are doing in the moment--just use A mode. Then you choose your F stop and ISO, and the camera picks the right shutter speed for your picture to be exposed properly. Super easy when you are taking pics of kiddos!

    He has a Canon 50d with a 50mm1.4 lens (that's the one I use) and a 17-55mm zoom lens. He had a third one he sold recently. We also have a Sony RX100 III that I also use in A mode. On that one, I changed the control ring in the settings to be the F-stop, so I can quickly change the aperture and ISO for shooting the kiddos.

    Anyway, these are some shots in aperture mode--nice bokeh, no fiddling with finding just the right settings. Let me know how shooting in A mode works for you!

    ETA: I shot the last 2 today no the fly and posted them on FB with absolutely 0 post processing--used the Sony for that one. Easy-peasy

  10. Boogs

    hostess / papaya / 10540 posts

    @Anagram: Thanks! That's why I shoot in and do fiddle with those settings. Do you fiddle with the white balance at all? Your photos look great! I think my littles are so crazy, so there's usually blurry arms and legs lol.

  11. Anagram

    eggplant / 11716 posts

    @Boogs: with the DSLR, no, typically not. If it seems really off, and DH is home, I might ask him to make changes to the white balance, but generally I just shoot and then if I need to do small color correction later, I do it in post processing.

    With the Rx200 III, I usually put the white balance on auto, but very occasionally, I might change to one of their presets--they have "incandescent" for indoor yellowy lighting, "outdoor", etc. But 95% of the time, I'm shooting in white balance auto. Since I'm not a photographer and haven't ever taken a class or anything, my main concern is getting cute pics of the girls, not street cred you know? The few times I've tried in manual, the pics are a mess. So I just stick to A mode for now, haaha.

  12. alphagam84

    persimmon / 1095 posts

    @Adira: What is back button focus?

  13. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30692 posts

    @alphagam84: It's essentially just setting up your camera to use a button on the back (mine uses the meter button) as focus instead of the shutter. That way you can focus separately from taking pictures.


  14. josina

    pomegranate / 3973 posts

    Made the switch to back-button focus with AI Servo AF and so far so good, although I need the weather to be nice so I can get outside and use it more!

    What focus mode do you usually use? AI Servo or One shot?

  15. lamariniere

    pineapple / 12566 posts

    @josina: continuous servo mode so I can capture action.

  16. Mrs. Chocolate

    blogger / nectarine / 2600 posts

    How long have you had an SLR/DSLR? I got it in Sept 2011
    What kind of camera/lens do you have? I have a Canon 6D now but started with a Canon T2i
    Favorite/most used lens? Sigma Art 35
    Favorite/most used setting? Manual.
    Tips/tricks for photographing your kids? Try to engage them or be funny and catch them doing things they like and enjoy to catch more real smiles.
    Share a recent/favorite photo?

  17. Mrs. Chocolate

    blogger / nectarine / 2600 posts

    And now I feel guilty I only shoot the baby these days mostly but in my defense the other two hate the camera especially my older daughter

  18. stiletto_mom

    persimmon / 1183 posts

    My kids are going to miss out. I feel pretty overwhelmed on where to start. I can operate a point and shoot. I STILL don't understand aperture and shutter speed and when to use what, and how to adjust it.

    I just want to focus it nice and have a fuzzy background ROFL

  19. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30692 posts

    @josina: Yep, what @lamariniere: said - continuous servo mode.

  20. jetsa

    grapefruit / 4663 posts

    @Adira: thank you for the BBF tip. It makes such a difference!

  21. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30692 posts

    @jetsa: That's awesome!

  22. Mrsbells

    squash / 13199 posts

    @josina: i have canon rebel t2i and i have the standarad 18-55 lens that comes with it as well as the "nifty fifty" lens that I just recently purchased. I really like the 50mm lens because it effortlessly takes beautiful upclose pictures

  23. josina

    pomegranate / 3973 posts

    @Mrs. Chocolate: Those are beautiful!

  24. Mrs. Chocolate

    blogger / nectarine / 2600 posts

    @stiletto_mom: Use your point and shoot until you can understand manual. The best camera is the one you have and can operate, even if its a cell phone. My sons first year was with a point and shoot since I didnt have a DSLR and even now with mine I still use my cell phone sometimes because its what I have

  25. Mrs. Chocolate

    blogger / nectarine / 2600 posts

    @josina: Thank you. Long road to get here Still learning too! It does take time

  26. RonjaL7

    apricot / 424 posts

    I'm just replying to I can keep this tagged to read everyone's suggestions.

  27. stiletto_mom

    persimmon / 1183 posts

    Did all you mommies take like a photography course? Or was it all self taught?

    Where did you start? I'm trying to fiddle around with my old Canon but can't figure out how to use the manual setting. The Canon at Best Buy was so much more intuitive.

  28. erinpye

    pomegranate / 3706 posts

    @stiletto_mom: if you want something similar to a point and shoot, with a nice shallow depth of field (blurred out background), the Fujifilm X100T might be a great option. It doesn't even have different lenses, it's a fixed lens. If you set it to aperture priority mode and auto focus, it's SUPER easy to use-- you should try one out! There are lots of camera rental companies online that will loan it for a weekend.

  29. josina

    pomegranate / 3973 posts

    @stiletto_mom: I did take a photography class in college, but didn't have an SLR back then, just a Sony with Apeture and Shutter speed modes.

    I've read through a bunch of online blogs with photography tips, other than that just practice! But I have not ventured into manual mode yet either, I use Aperture Priority.

  30. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @erinpye: so I have a old Nikon on its last leg which I always use in auto because I have no idea how to use it - would the Fujifilm X100T be a good camera for me? Or do you still need to learn how to use it?

  31. Adira

    wonderful pomelo / 30692 posts

    @stiletto_mom: Self-taught, but I definitely wouldn't say I'm a pro. I've read a lot of tips on-line and poured through my manual a bunch and basically just experimented.

  32. Mrs. Chocolate

    blogger / nectarine / 2600 posts

    I started with Clickin Moms and still take classes there. They are a wealth of info overall and you meet some nice friends along the way too

  33. josina

    pomegranate / 3973 posts

    Bumping for any new mom-tographers and to share any progress/new equipment/etc.!

    Still using my Canon T5 with the nifty-fifty lens solely. Someday I'd love another lens with a wider angle.
    I've graduated to Manual mode and have gotten much better with focus. I've actually started taking photos for a few other people, I had my first 'paid' shoot last month for maternity, and will be doing family/newborn with the same couple this weekend. I definitely don't consider myself 'pro' but don't mind doing a few word-of-mouth shoots like this for people who already like my shooting style.

    Anyone else shoot for others? What do you charge if anything?
    Did anyone make the jump to doing professional photography?
    Care to share a recent photo?
    My 2 LO's taken a couple weeks ago.. the dog behind me got big smiles from DD.

  34. lamariniere

    pineapple / 12566 posts

    @josina: I switched from Nikon to Fuji this spring. I started selling off my Nikon gear and bought a Fuji X-T1 (got a great deal 2nd hand) and a 23 and a 35 mm lens (equivalent to 35 and 50 mm). I've used it a bit but I've been too busy to shoot a lot lately, but I really like it so far. It's so lightweight that I can throw it in my handbag and forget that it's there. I'm still getting used to it, but I'm glad I made the switch. I was really hesitant about selling my Nikon gear since I've been loyal to Nikon for 15+ years, but I wasn't using it like I used to, and it's so heavy in comparison.

  35. Littlebit7

    nectarine / 2243 posts

    @josina: I"ve shot a few times for others. Christmas cards, babies, etc. But I don't charge. Its mainly for very close friends only.

    @lamariniere: ahhh its interesting to hear you've done this! I don't take my canon much anywhere because of the heft. I have thousands and thousands of dollars into it (I'm sure like you did in Nikon) but its a waste when it sits in a drawer. We are taking a trip in august to some far flung places but I'm considering not taking it because of the bulk and I'm traveling light. Where did you sell your Nikon gear?

  36. lamariniere

    pineapple / 12566 posts

    @Littlebit7: ooh, where are you going? I sold some of the lenses on a local sight that is similar to Craigslist. I sold the body at a camera shop. I still have two more lenses to go, and my really ancient film body, but I doubt anyone will buy it, even for cheap. It got heavy use back in the day, so it's not in great shape. When I was looking into selling, some US websites popped up in my search and it looked like you could mail in your gear to them. If you are close to NYC, you could go to B&H. When I lived there, that was my number 1 place to go and I both bought and sold things with them.

  37. Littlebit7

    nectarine / 2243 posts

    @lamariniere: yep I am close to B&H, dangerously close.. Ha! I've bought quite a bit there (new and used) but never sold so thats good to know. My dream is a lightweight but still full featured system I can throw in the bottom of the stroller (well, hide it in the bottom of the stroller). The iPhone is great...but, ugh, sometimes I want more and its such a fun creative outlet for me.
    we are headed to some countries in the South Caucasus, and also Greece. Random. But kid free! Yes!

  38. lamariniere

    pineapple / 12566 posts

    @Littlebit7: very exciting! The last time I sold stuff at B&H was many, many moons ago, but I seem to remember they offered either a cash amount or a slightly higher in store credit amount. No idea what the policy is today though. If you do go in to B&H, check out the Fuji X systems. I love how you can try stuff there. They are super lightweight with many of the features of a serious DSLR. There is a newer model than the one I have, X-T2 instead of X-T1, and it's a really fun but powerful little camera!

  39. josina

    pomegranate / 3973 posts

    @Littlebit7: @lamariniere: I was going to suggest a mirrorless and looked up the XT-1 and saw thats what that is. My boss just got one and likes it better than the SLR he had.
    @Littlebit7: So jealous of your trip! Greece is my dream!

  40. CatchAFallingStar

    nectarine / 2806 posts

    I'll preface this by saying that I'm a professional photographer. I've been shooting wedding and portraits for 10 years. However, I'm also just a mom with a camera!

    How long have you had an SLR/DSLR? 10+ years

    What kind of camera/lens do you have? Nikon D700, 85mm 1.8, 50mm 1.8, 35mm 1.8, 105mm macro 2.5

    Favorite/most used lens? 85mm 1.8 (crisp portrait lens)

    Favorite/most used setting? I shoot manual or aperture priority 90% of the time.

    Tips/tricks for photographing your kids? Find the LIGHT! It's all about light. Avoid hard sun/shadows. Utilize window light in your home. Even open your front door and shoot in toward your babes to get beautiful light on their face.

    Share a recent/favorite photo? This is a client photo. I just love the light falling on her hair. This was early morning in the fall.

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