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Calling all Mom-tographers (or Pros) with an SLR/DSLR

  1. lilteacherbee

    cantaloupe / 6791 posts

    I've been doing photography professionally almost 2 years now. I live at the beach and get a lot of vacationers during the summer, so that's always fun. However, newborns are my absolute favorite! I'd love for them to be my focus in a few years. These are some I took of my daughter 💗

    ETA: ignore the bad quality, these are saved from FB

  2. josina

    pomegranate / 3968 posts

    @CatchAFallingStar: I love to see what professionals are using/doing and love tips! Yes to the light, my favorite is around 7 right now before sunset.

    @lilteacherbee: Precious photos!


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