LO (15 months) has definitely been late on the physical milestones. Didn't crawl until 12.5 months, and didn't pull himself to stand until 13.5 months. The general consensus from his day care teachers and even his doctor is that he is lazy. (And I have to admit that I agree.) Why get himself around when he can be carried... We even started physical therapy when he wasn't crawling and the therapist told us we were basically wasting our money because there's absolutely nothing wrong with him besides not wanting to do it!

So a few days before Thanksgiving (at about 14.5 months), he took his first steps, and we were obviously psyched. But he hasn't gotten much past that in the month since. He tears around the house at roadrunner speed using his push walker, and he walked the length of the entire mall today holding my hand. He also walks from room to room in our house using the wall. But he absolutely refuses to walk on his own beyond 3-4 steps...and even that requires a lot of coaxing.

He's a big boy - 28 lbs - and my back is killing me. Any advice to encourage him to take those steps on his own? Anyone else have a LO who took a long time to move from first steps to actual walking?

I should also add that he doesn't seem to have a "cautious" personality. He climbs on anything and everything. He just doesn't want to walk by himself!