We are traveling to Florida for a cruise in October with my whole family (10 of us) and we are bringing both LO's. DS is 2 and will need his own seat and DD will be 10 months. DD will sit on our laps, and DS in his own seat. Not sure if I should be bringing a carseat for both kids. We will need to travel from the airport to the dock with the kids and I am not sure of the rules surrounding taxi's/ vans/ busses for that kind of thing! We would bring DD's bucket seat, and have to get a plane approved seat (that's not a million pounds like his carseats now are) to bring with us- then somehow store on the cruise ship in our stateroom. Thoughts on what we should do? Do I need a carseat for DS on the plane or can he just sit in the seat without one? Anyone know what the rules are for Taxi's, vans, busses??

Thanks in advance!