So, I have a 2008 Toyota Rav 4 and while I"m only 12 wks, I'm researching car seats, etc. I've been really confused as to where I'm supposed to put the car seat---center, behind driver, behind passenger. So, I checked my manual and it doesn't explain a single thing. If anything, it made me more confused because it showed me BOTH ways of putting the car seat in. Another monkey wrench, is that the center belt in the Rav 4 comes from the ceiling, which I've heard is unsafe to use. Well, the manual shows it as an option.

Does anyone have a car like this that can offer advice? We do have a Children's hospital about 30 minutes away that does car seat checks, so I could check with them. I just don't even know where to begin looking at car seats since where I'll place it will depend on how much room I have. Husband's car is a big Grand Marquis, so he will have no problem fitting a car seat in there. Since I will be the one driving the baby most places, I need to make sure it works right.