After researching car seats and checking them out in person at BRU, SO and I decided on the Graco Snugride 30. It had solid ratings, didn't weigh too much & wasn't too expensive so we added it to our registry.

I just received my first registry gift (from my dad) and it was the car seat!

After taking it out of the box, and carrying it around the house a little, I realized it was painful to carry. It's hard to describe, but the handle isn't one rounded piece - It has a deep groove in the back, so unless you're carrying exactly in the center, it hurts the palm of my hand.

Anyway, think we are going to return it!

I looked at Target yesterday, and the Britax - B-Safe and the Chicco Keyfit have solid handles.

I initially decided against the Keyfit because lot's of reviews on Amazon state that their children have allergic reactions to the flame retardant chemical on the fabric or their children get heat rash.
I obviously don't want this to happen to our LO but how likely is this? Has anyone experienced this?

Any other recommendations?