I had my first IUI done yesterday ( !!!) and when the nurse/PA went to insert the catheter she mentioned something like, 'hold on, your cervix is upside down' and she needed to adjust it to be able to insert the catheter. When I had my HSG test done they didn't say anything that I can recall about it. However, at my follow up appointment with my OBGYN she filled my uterus up with saline to check if the teeny tiny spot on my HSG was a polyp or an air bubble (it was an air bubble) and during that visit she *also* had a hard time inserting the catheter because of my cervix's position. She said that she had to move it around before she would be able to do the insertion- which didn't feel good at alllll let me just tell ya!

Has anyone ever had this experience before?? Also, did anyone have this and find it was the/a reason for their infertility?? Every.single.test. we have had done has come back normal or even great in some cases and so now I'm just wondering if my cervix could be our main issue? {I know that this is probably just hopeful wishing that an IUI is all we will need to conceive ha, but still!}

Anyone familiar with an upside down cervix ha?!