Ok this question is for the serious charting witches, those of us who have become intimately familiar with our cervixes.

Your cervix is supposed to get higher, softer and open up as you approach ovulation.

The idea behind a soft, open cervix is that it allows sperm through. I haven't really gotten a handle yet on figuring out if it is "open," but I can definitely feel the difference in height and firmness.

I'm on CD 13 now and my cervix has been high for the past couple of days, but it feels like it is getting firmer, not softer. My cervix was low and soft around CD 9, when I also had eggwhite CF. After that I had a couple days of lotion-y CF and now we are back to eggwhite.

Is it possible that a high, firm cervix means that I am pregnant? It would make sense evolutionarily as the cervix is trying to do its part to ward off infection and not let anything through. If I am already pregnant then it may react automatically to firm up and close even though it hasn't fallen back down to its normal position yet.

Thoughts? Any other theories why my cervix might be high AND firm? My chart is attached.