Chronic yeast infections in baby?!?! Looking for some pro advice! So this last one isn't going away. Just spent an hour calming her down with her bottom as red as a tomato and bleeding- again. Here's what we currently do- dry wipes with water, fungal cream and an Rx anti-inflammatory at every change. An old school doc said to us last week- yep their bums are just sensitive there is nothing you can do!? We also do probiotics in her formula and some yogurt at least once a day. No antibiotics, no thrush in her mouth and no more breastfeeding. The crap part- it goes from being 100% fine to red and bleeding in one poop. Oh, and this last week we stopped using a barrier cream because the Doc said it might be keeping the yeast next to her skin and not letting it out. Finally, we do diaper free time when it does flair up- but sometimes, like tonight, if flairs up so fast that it is not even an option. Thinking of bathing her in yogurt tomorrow, feeding her garlic, and possibly rubbing coconut oil on her bum- no joke. All suggestions welcomed!!