So I'm just on the cusp between my first and second trimesters, and thinking ahead about gear we're going to need...We're in NYC and don't have a car, so I'm not sure we're going to need a car seat, except we do every once in awhile take cabs or zipcars...Like, we'd probably want to take a cab home from the hospital, and my parents live a bus+subway ride away so it's a lot faster to cab it than deal with transferring.

So here's my question: if you primarily rely on public transportation, did you also have a car seat? If so, is there one you recommend?

I've only ever seen IRL car seats with a base that's installed in the car, so the seat clicks in and out easily, but since we won't be using the same car that won't work...And I don't think I'd want our primary stroller to be one that fits with a car seat, since we'd want our daily stroller to fold up easily to save space in our apt, in restaurants, in the subway/bus, etc...But we'd probably want the option of a frame if we do get a car seat so that we don't have to carry both a stroller and a car seat when we are using a cab...So much to think about, it's a little overwhelming!

I'd love any tips or to hear about what all you other lovely city moms do!