My 17 month old is climbing out of her Pack n Play at night and during naps. She was an early walker and absolutely loves to climb.

The first thing we did was take out the mattress insert we'd put in it and have her sleep on the mat that comes with the PNP, so it's as low to the ground as possible. Didn't work.

Then we measured our old crib (which is partially broken, thus the PNP) to compare the heights, and the PNP is actually taller than the crib. I don't know if the sides of the PNP would be taller than all cribs, but it makes buying a crib instead a little daunting. If she can climb this much now, it seems like a taller crib would be defeated in a few months.

We bought a sleep sack. That worked for about a week, and then she discovered that she can still get out if she pulls herself up on the rail and swings both feet over at the same time.

She's way too young to transition to a bed. My DH thinks we should put a floor mattress in an empty closet, use a door monkey to keep the door partially open, and point a fan at the door to make sure she's getting proper ventilation. I know that sounds crazy, but I'm out of ideas. Any thoughts?