I'm updating my registry and plan on buying BG AIO or Freetime diapers second hand.

But I don't know where to start with the necessary accessories.

1) Cloth wipes: How many do I need? I know Grovia is popular, would you recommend cloth wipes, or disposible wipes? How many disposable wipes to people actually go through?

2) Wet bags: What brand did you use? How many do you need? Two?

3) Diaper pail: Will any diaper pail do or are there specific ones for cloth diapering? Do you just use a wet bag in lieu of a diaper pail? What brand do you recommend?

Am I missing anything else?! I'd just like to look at the bare essentials. We have very little room or space for extra things, so just the necessities please! And thanks!

I figure, asking those with experience may save me some trouble down the road. Hindsight is 20/20!