As you may have read in the past, Little P is a skinny dude. He's healthy, but been in the 3rd percentile the whole way along. So, he's usually at least one size behind in clothes.

However, we've hit an annoying snag and I'm not sure what to do! He's 27 months old, but fits in 18 month and 24 month shorts pretty well. BUT, because he's already potty-trained, we have to roll down the shorts one time to keep them on him. If he were in a diaper they'd fit just right, but now that he's wearing underwear, we have to roll them down.

This doesn't bother us, but I was just trying his fall clothes on him and pretty much NONE of them fit! The 18 month clothes would fit him in the waist if we roll down the top, but then they're too short! And the 24 month and 2T clothes are too big even when we roll them down. I'm just now sure what to do. Does anyone else have skinny boys and found clothes that fit?