Hi ladies,

So I have been looking at getting off of my birth control for a few months now. I have been on Lo Loestrin Fe since I believe August 2011. I took some birth control don’t know what it was when I was like 12 due to irregular periods and it did absolutely nothing to fix it so I was off within months. The reason I went on in August 2011 was to prevent pregnancy. I wish I knew what I know now about the pills and I would have probably never gone on a hormonal pill. The reason I want to come off is I’ve recently started feeling different and I don’t know if it’s the BCP or just getting older (I’m 29 going on 30 in July) and not liking fake hormones in my system. With that said I am absolutely TERRIFIED of coming off! This past week I have literally upset myself so much reading all the horror story’s I found through google that I wanted to start crying at my desk at work. I’ve been so emotional I know its probably really stupid to be and my boyfriend Mom and best friend are like you need to stop reading google because it always tells you you’re going to die tomorrow. Lol. I started having anxiety issues around the time I was in college and I just feel like now since I’ve been on this pill (never changed it) it makes my anxiety worse at times. The list of reasons I want to get off include:

1. I have my period for at least 15 days (I know your all thinking that’s insane why would you take the pill for that long if it caused that) It did it to me when I was 12 as well.

2. I cramp all day for roughly 2 weeks before getting my period. (I’m cramping as I type this lol) 😑

3. I have pain during sex (not all the time) which I link to the pill because I didn’t have that before hand

4. I’ve always been a moody person but I think this pill plays a part in me being very snappish at the littlest things

5. Again I think it worsens my anxiety to where when I get way to excited like reading these horror stories online I become very emotional, fatigued, and I don’t want to see anybody or go anywhere except for sleep and watch tv

6. I’m tired all the time and I didn’t realize it could be from the pill.

Sorry for the long list and post but I’m TERRIFIED of coming off my pill. I hear all these stories of women having awful acne, hair loss, and weight gain issues and emotional issues after coming off. I’m having all these mental images and thinking everyone’s going to think I’m so hideous. I am thinking of talking to my doctor about using the Caya (new diaphragm introduced in 2015) and what is called the Daysy fertility monitor.

I probably sound like I belong in the freaking nuthouse because this is not me and how I remember being before! Have any of you ladies taken the Lo Loestrin Fe for more than a couple of years and came off? What side effects did you have? Any advice would be much appreciated.