My son just started daycare last week. He usually nurses at 8:00-8:15, I drop him off about 9:00 and pick him up around 5:15. I started out sending three bottles of four ounces, so 12 total. Then yesterday his teacher asked me to add a little more to each, so I did. Today she asked if I could put six in each. I'm feeling upset because I don't pump enough for that in a day. Usually I get 15 or 16 oz. also, everything I've read suggests 18 oz seems like a lot for that time period.

It doesn't sound like he's crying for more food. She just says when he finishes a bottle, he "acts like he could eat more." Thoughts? I don't want to deprive him of food, but I also don't really want to jump into supplementing if possible. This was my big fear about daycare and I'm feeling sad. I only have a very small freezer stash.