I'm on cycle day 14 and I haven't gotten a positive OPK test yet. Which wouldn't be that weird except I have short cycles (25-26 days) and I *think* I usually ovulate around day 11 or so. I haven't done OPKs in the past or even taken temps but that is when I have noticed the lubey-gooey CF.

This month I had the lotion-y stuff on day 9-10 but haven't really been progressing to the eggwhite or lube-goo stuff. OPKs since day 9 all negative and it is now day 14. My app predicted yesterday as O day. Also my temps have been all over the place so far, though still in the low range, from 96.4 to 97.2 (I am counting a 97.5 as an outlier b/c I drank the night before and slept in late and I know both can affect waking temp). This is the first month I've been closely tracking temps so I'm not sure if that is normal for me or not.

We DTD on day 11 and will probably do it again tonight. But I am wondering if you have any insight into why my cycle might be off or weird this month? Ever since I have been paying marginal attention to CF I've had the good stuff around day 11-12, a day or two before my app predicts O. Since I only recently learned how predictive of O CF really is (reading the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" - what a mind opener!), I had in the past focused more on DTD on day 13 when my app predicted O.

This past month I had a real squinter of a preg test then got my period on day 27. It was an awful, awful period that lasted five days (normally mine are 3 and maybe a super light flow on day 4) and I still had cramps on day 4 (that NEVER happens). So I am wondering if anyone think it's possible that I had a chemical or miscarriage (also if you could explain what a chemical is that would be appreciated - I'm not totally clear) and thus may not ovulate this month? Or may ovulate late? There aren't really any other factors that might delay ovulation this month, like stress or travel.