My 9 wk old is a CRAP sleeper at night! I'm going back to work soon and I need help.

Tell me what you did to turn your young crap sleeper into a champ sleeper.

Should I keep doing what I'm doing and hold out hope he'll get it? He is in his crib. I nurse him to sleep. Bedtime begins at 630-7. He's usually down by 745-8

Then the games begin. Sometimes he wakes back up before 10. Sometimes he'll make it to 11-12 those are his best stretches. Then he seems to basically be up every hour and wakes up immediately when I put him down. He doesn't nurse at every wake up and sometimes he is even back asleep in minutes --- until I put him back down.

Should I just keep plugging along??? Should I try Co sleeping? Or the rnp? (He naps in rnp)

Eta: I believe he is gassy, I have gripe water and gas drops. He also liked to move his arms so a tight swaddle is a no go. half swaddle his mid section and legs.