So, 8 m.o. LO woke up at 11.30pm last night and refused to go down again until 1.30am and was hysterical the entire time. No fever. Slightly snuffly but nothing major. We pulled out every trick in our box of magic sleep solutions and it all just made her cry harder. Rocking, nursing, steamy shower to clear congestion, snuggles in our bed (which enraged her - why do I even try co-sleeping? It never, ever works), walking her around the apartment. Even bouncing her on the fitness ball, which is usually a sure-fire emergency sleep move, failed. She just seemed totally freaked out by something.

Then she did it again at 2.40am. Hurrrghhhh. I'm so tired. I think maybe its crawling related. She's just started crawling and she rolled straight over onto her hands and knees every time we put her down and started crying.

Anyone want to commiserate with me about awful sleep regressions?