My baby is currently in the 4m sleep regression (wahhh).

Last night finally went better, but so far cosleeping has been the only that makes it manageable. I am still not fully on board with cosleeping, ideally, he will start doing his first long stretch again (instead of like 10pm first wake up and never back to sleep unless held) in his crib, and then he'll be in bed with me from 4-5 on. I love cosleeping on the nights that it goes well, but some nights he seems to be so unsettled.

Because he's been sleeping much better on our bed, on a whim yesterday I tried nursing him to sleep for a nap on the bed (side lying and then snuck away). And he magically slept for over 90 min, I mopped and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, and it was amazing! Normally he's been nursing to sleep, and I set him in his crib, and about half the time he wakes up immediately and half the time he wakes up in 30-45 min in a cranky mood. I did it again today after I couldn't get him to settle nursing or rocking him in the nursery and he's almost at 90 min again, alone on our bed! He doesn't roll yet, but I have pillows around the edges, he's swaddled, and he's in the middle of our cal king.

So assuming this may be my new go to method of getting a nice nap out of him, what are the logistics for naps, cosleepers of the hive? I know everything may change in the next few weeks as he gets through this damn sleep regression . Hopefully for the better!

Thanks for reading