Guys, I needs some encouragement. DD is 11 weeks old and I am returning to FT work next week as an RN. DD has been in a bassinet next to our bed or in our bed since she was born, but her night sleep sucks and I have to feel more human before I go back to work (I sedate people, for gosh sakes!).

I am reading "Sleeping Through the Night", and tonight is night one of getting her to fall asleep on her own. It went OK (not too much crying, asleep in about 40 min), but I am having some serious withdrawals. I would have kept her with me for way longer, I was really thinking 6 months (though it really does get in the way of intimacy). I'm regretting missing the time with her at night. I'm reading about increased SIDS in babies that aren't in their parent's room. I'm feeling all sad and weepy.

I will be bringing her back into our room if (let's be real, when) she wakes up in the MOTN, so that helps me feel better, but what about when she sleeps through the night?

Has anyone else had to do this? How did it go? Tell me it will be OK!!!