Ok, so I have decided the time has come to get LO3 on a schedule and sleep train her.

For background LO1 was naturally a terrible sleeper that puked with any sleep training that included pretty much any length of crying so he was up 5+ times per night until he weaned at 16 months old.

LO2 was a magical unicorn who STTN and had herself on a great nap routine by 4 weeks old and each sleep regression we just dropped a nap.

LO3 did great until 4 months. Nap schedule was pretty all over the place because, well, 3rd baby. Now she is struggling more. Wanting to be rocked down, sleep is all over the place etc.

I want to get her on a 2 nap, 3/2/1 schedule. It should work well for my morning trips to drop off kids, go to the gym, do pickups etc. I also need to sleep train her because she wants to be rocked to sleep 24/7.

Which would you tackle first? The schedule and rock her if need be to make those 2 naps happen properly, OR the sleep training (we are most comfortable with controlled crying with checks/re-assuring every 5 minutes).