I just read mrs.pinata's blog post on early bedtime. It inspired me to try an early bed time with my 2 month old.

Before I had been giving her 4 naps a day (last one being around 630-8 ish give or take half an hour).

But her naps started taking a nosedive- she would cry and cry, only sleep for 30-45 min when before she was doing1-3 hrs.. So I figured she's tired from all this and needs more sleep!

Yesterday I put her down for bed at 7pm (bath and nursed a lot). Woke her up for diaper change and another feed at 1030pm. She woke for one more night feeding and woke up at 830am. So I think the early bed time "worked". Woohoo!

My question is how does an early bed time for newborn affect her naps? I mean obviously now I'll give her 3 naps since I'm putting her down earlier.. Did you find that your newborn napped well still or had shorter naps? Or did it affect her wake time?

I'm totally new to this early bed time for newborns (my first baby boy didn't have early bed time til way later) and all the sleep resources I read don't recommend an early bed time til later as well.

Share your experiences?? Or your early bed time newborn schedule? (I'm all for a loose schedule)