Winniebee posted last week in anticipation of paci-weaning her son, and most of the responses were that it didn't end up being a huge deal. Well, I'm weaning my 27-month-old and it's been hell. He had been sleeping better than ever in his life from about early December until now (2-3 hour nap during the day, 11 hours of sleep overnight). All that is out the window. We tried to pull the paci cold turkey and it was a disaster, so we backed off, ordered the "Lily Method" pacifiers, and have been slowly doing those. It worked fine until we reached the last few, and then he went ballistic. He's absolutely beside himself that he can't suck on them, so we threw them out and now he's paci-less. Just hoping to hear from others who had less-than awesome experiences...did sleep ever return to normal?