We just started sleep training our 10 month old this week. Sleep trained our older son - he was quick to catch on and slept 7pm-7am after 4 days of training him to sleep. This little guy has been a much tougher sleeper since day one, and seems to be stubborn to the core when it comes to this sleep training. He sleeps 2 naps per day, about 1-1.5 hour each. We’re very happy that we’ve worked him up past 40 minute naps and sometimes we even get lucky enough for a 2 hour nap. If he’s had two short naps, we give him an extra nap in the afternoon. The issue is I have fed him at 10 before I go to bed as a dream feed and now it’s really tough to drop. And then he wakes up 4 or so times per night after that. We are doing 10 minute checks on him, and he cries harder and harder every time we go in. Today he woke up only an hour after bedtime and is still crying 40 minutes later. I guess I just need some encouragement to hang in there. Feeling like it’s impossible this time around!

And a question about the pacifier, I only give it to him when he goes to bed but I don’t reinsert it during the checks. Should I? He hasn’t figured out how to bring it to his own mouth while in the crib.

His schedule is wake 6-7am (depends a little on the night and also if his big brother wakes him), nap at 9:00 sleep till 10:30, nap at 1:00pm till 2:30ish, bath at 6:15, sleeping by 7pm

Thankful for all advice!